Will I find my breaking point.

I’m driving towards it – I’m losing focus.

I catch myself, and look towards it

Whoa buddy slow your horses.

Is that you I’m thinkin about? You gonna do it!?

No can do john wayne I have an appointment.

It’s me, myself, and I — we have an agreement.

Destiny – it’s time to distort it.

The animal inside,

I’m gonna free it.

It has the abilities,

To disconnect and continue.

Its tough giving the wheel up.

But I will do it.

Exploring unknown regions,

I feel out of place amongst my peers.

Success in these crazy endeavours,

For I have foreseen it.

Not really I just believe it,

I can see the future and I can blend me to make it my new reality.

Steep learning curve has me skipping beats to the music

Echo, echoooooooo.

I can feel every feeling

How do I make it past these illusions?

How can I cross an ocean if I dont swim it?

How about another day and you keep failing.

Shitbag I’m gonna take your soul and eat it.

No way will you clear the traps I’ve hidden.

Haha who the fuck are you to say I wont make it?

It’s me john wayne, the fucking world your livin’.

Whooaaaa I cant even comprehend this shit I’m leaving.

Hold up man let’s chat and have a drink.

My lady friend said she wants your babies so she can eat em’

Bruh… fuck no snake ima crush these demons.

These words are deep and have several meanings.

Some say a thousand things maybe only to me though.

Yes I’m pretty weird – a point I’m proving.

I think it’ll help me, cause now the ocean is getting smaller.

Bending this world to me its screaming and hollerin’.

Yeah too bad maybe one day you’ll kill me.

Not today, still haven’t found it.

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