“Transparency, please?”

Make it quick,

Or painfully slow.

Take your time; Or,

blatantly, let me know.

Please, love; just don’t

Sugar coat.

How you feel,

Behind your ego.

Physical attractions,

Are fleetingly so.

Emotional attachments

Tend to grow.

In intensity.

Can you feel,

The chemistry?

Almost like

An epiphany!

Or is this

the codependency?

Or maybe; your not

Intellectually into me?

But just in case,

Let me tone down

The consistency.

Rewrite the verse

Then switch it up


I’m Crazy;

I mean craving,

A soul’s intimacy.

Not the kind

From striping clothing

Off my body.

That just creates empathy.

I want stimuli

For my psyche.

Get in my head,

Play with my mind.


Just don’t use me.

With strings,

Ulterior motives,

abusive tendencies,

Or cruelty; as a means

To try and pursue me.

I’m much more, than

this physical entity.

So i crave more

Than you thrusting

Into me. Releasing a seed.

Sharing a bed. Or;

making me scream

In ecstasy.

I want a connection

That spans realities.

Embraces insanity

And can rewrite history.

All possible, with belief.

Law of Attraction is

A proven thing.

You get what you;

Think, feel, speak,

And dream.

Because all of that

Takes energy.

Now let me ask again;

What is it you want,

From me?

Either you’re just crossing

my path,

Or a part of my destiny.

Choose carefully.

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