Where are you

Where are you?

Lovely girl I’ve tried

In my own human way

I’m so god damn lonely

When I could be spending my time with you – even if only for a moment.

Even if it’s a third of the day I see you

Or a phone call or picture to remind me

As long as I know your here then it’s real

Love I’ve tried to find you

Maybe distance and time is all between us

I’ll find things to keep me busy

I’ll find things that’ll just slow me down

I’ll find pain and more confusion

Theres no better way to take

My baggage weighs me down

For I’m a lonesome man walking in the desert

Searching for my life

Without you to support me

I’m only half alive but barely

It’s just my primal instinct

But I miss it and all the freedom

If I had you

My life could have more reason

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