Breath of air, all despair,
Ohh baby;
You know you take me there.
Take me there, take me where?
Take me where I don’t wanna be,
Promise me;
This ain’t for eternity.
You’ve changed into a person,
That’s concerning me.
Will the real you,
Please just return to me?
If you care;
Put an end to my worrying.
This world spins,
At the same speed,
Stop the hurrying.

Is a breath of,
Fresh air.
Grew tired,
Of the daily,
Wear & tear.
No longer,
Do I have to care,
For someone,
Who couldn’t care,
Now I can,
Put to rest,
This nightmare.
It was unfair,
For you;
To push me away,
I laid my soul bare.
Two hearts,
Of the same suite,
Don’t always make,
The best pair.
I’m a Desperado,
For despair.
A look around,
I did not,
See you there,
Your whereabouts,
Are unknown.
Maximised to,
Proportions out blown.
Parameters of my mind,
Drifted far beyond it’s zone.
Following patterns,
The grooves are sown.
This love ain’t free,
Can’t clone your own.
You lost this lifeline,
Put down the phone.
I give no handouts,
Throw you no bones,
Trying to manage me
Like money;
Can’t cash this loan.
Run back;
To your glass home,
Get stoned.
You always do,
You always will.
Popping my top,
Like you;
Popping them pills,
C’mon now,
You know that shit kills.
Fuck it though,
As long;
As the void fills?
To peak your thrills,
Doing things,
That gave me chills.
Just thinking,
About the dangers,
That spill,
From your intentions,
Into a drinkable poison,
Fermented in filth.
Been making,
Out of anthills.
Cuts me deep,
Like a sawmill,
Into my mind,
Like a power drill.
For too long,
You’ve been driving me,
Mentally ill.
Won’t see change,
You make it yourself.
Dwindles your,
Spiritual health.
The dealer,
Gotta deal with,
The cards they dealt.
No longer;
Can I give a fuck,
About how you felt.

I can’t breathe,
Suffocate me.
I can’t breathe,
Suffocate me.
Boiling my blood,
A million degrees.
Burnt to ashes,
Drifting across sea’s.
Gotta cut you off,
Like; Amputees.
I can’t breathe,
Suffocate me.
Being with you,
Be the end of me.

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