The future;
Is in the hands,
Of the youth.
Eager & hungry,
Will you feed them,
Lies or truth?
Will you be there,
To guide them,
Or perhaps give,
Another excuse?
“They’ll be fine”
Right… Because,
You’re living proof?
Raised similarly,
So tell me;
Did you turn out,
The way that,
You truly wanted to?
Ponder that question,
& I;
Will get back to you.
I see a lot of kids,
Out there;
Who were just like me.
Imprisoned by pain,
Praying to God,
Just wanted to be free.
But he never responded,
So their futures became,
A little less bright to see.
You start thinking,
What’s the point of being alive,
If happy isn’t what you can be?
Suicide ain’t the first step,
But their walking towards it.
Turning to drugs & shit,
Getting high;
To get out of that,
Bottomless pit.
Trying to out run emotions,
But they were never,
Physically fit.
So they just sit,
And contemplate.
Out comes;
The razor blades,
Slitting veins;
Trying to bleed pain,
But it doesn’t work like that.
Childhood was better,
They wonder how,
They can get that back.
Other kids saying,
Hurtful things,
That they begin to,
Receive as facts.
They hold everything in,
Filled up to the max.
Look into their eyes,
You can slowly see,
Their souls crack.
Pay attention;
If you wanna keep them,
From going black.
Emotions turn quick,
It’s easy;
For you to lose yourself.
Neglected health,
Fallen into another,
Needles in hand,
Lying on the ground.
They wanna fly,
Meet God in the sky,
Maybe then;
They can finally,
Find out why?
Why he didn’t answer,
See if he cares,
Make him play necromancer.
Depression man,
I swear it’s a cancer.
Eating away;
At the soul & flesh.
On the brink of sanity,
On the verge of death.
We all have dreams but,
Who out there,
Wanted best for these kids,
Parents would often neglect?
Looking back now,
In retrospect,
These kids needed guidance,
No one was there to intersect.
Fragile children,
With no guardians to protect.
Daddy hit the bottle,
Mommy’s poppin’ pills.
Music in your ears,
Sending your spine chills.
Vibing with the sadness,
Handful of madness,
Seeking thrills.
Any form of happiness,
Anything at all.
Numbing your senses,
To ignore;
Your consciences call.
Embrace the pain,
You’d rather fall,
Memories dissolved.
List of problems left unsolved,
So you choose,
The temporary solution.
Couldn’t refrain from,
The mental pollution.
A beautiful soul,
Succumbed to execution.
Fooled by;
Self created illusions.

They got the pistol,
Mind speedin like Bristol.
Quiet mouths,
But the truth was as loud,
As a blowing whistle.
Destruction on sight,
Incoming missile.
Can’t avoid the firefight,
In the darkness,
Chasing the fading light.
Noose wrapped tight,
Drugs got them,
Higher than kites.
Taking pieces,
Like shark bites,
Eaten away,
By the termites.
Playing with,
Shiny knives,
Waters deep,
Take nosedives.
Cruise control,
Swervin’ when they drive,
Got suicide on the mind.
No one see’s the truth,
On both sides.
Tossing & turning,
Like ocean tides.
No confidence,
No pride;
They see this cold world,
With eyes open wide,
They just wanna close.
Fuck it;
I suppose,
No one’s gonna,
Take credit,
For the damage done.
Insensitive children,
Let their mouths run,
Raised by parents,
Bitter & wasted on rum.
Take a deeper look,
In the schools,
Children can be so mean.
No one looks between,
Words said because,
“They’re kids,
They don’t know a thing.”
Let that pendulum swing,
Ignore the broken hearts that sing.
Dreams guide us,
Until someone clips your wings.
Lack of attention leads,
To doorbell rings,
Your son/daughter is dead.
Imagine that thought,
Running through your head.
Ask yourself,
Were you there enough?
Did you ask about their day,
When things seemed rough?
Or were you focused,
On adult stuff?
Saying you’d be there,
But it was just a bluff.
Even if they don’t die,
Maybe one day,
They’ll be in handcuffs.
Carried away & imprisoned,
Try to see life from that vision.
Raising kids is a responsibility,
So make it your mission.
Sit them down,
Take the time to listen.
We all know;
They’re lying in bed alone,
Just wishin’;
Someone would hear their cries.
They don’t understand these feelings,
Help them cut those ties.
Because who knows,
If you’ll come across the day,
You’ll have to say goodbye,
Or worse;
You won’t get the opportunity.
Mental illness is all around,
No one has immunity.
Save the kids,
Save the children.
Be their hero,
Not their villain.
Save the kids,
Save the children.
You promised,
To provide them,
With life;
Yet here you are,
Killin’ them.

Save the kids,
Save the children.
Be their hero,
Not their villain.
Save the kids,
Save the children.
You promised,
To provide them,
With life;
Yet here you are,
Killin’ them.

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