I know life ain’t easy.
I know you’ve done all,
That you could.
I wanna thank you,
For that;
By loving you the way,
That a son should.
Bless you & your heart.
Without you I’d have no start.
Thank you for everything,
Momma… Thank you,
For giving me,
A part; In life’s beautiful art,
Momma… Thank you.
Single parent just tryna’,
Raise me right.
It ain’t easy though when,
You had to work them late nights.
Grinding to the bone just,
Tryna’ keep on the water & lights,
Bill collectors always picking fights,
While I was off with friends,
Tryna’ reach new heights through highs.
Momma just tryna’ find the blue,
In these grey skies,
With a loving heart & hopeful eyes,
I was too self absorbed to care,
About your cries, all I spread was lies.

In nineteen ninty five;
You gave birth,
To a child who has yet,
To understand his worth.
You gifted me with,
All the tools of this Earth,
I took em’ for granted,
Thinkin’ that I was cursed.
I fear the day I see you,
Rollin’ away inna hearse,
Amplifying my anxiety,
Through this verse.
Blessed me with life,
Demons disperse.
When you play with fire,
Don’t you know,
The third degree burns,
Only get worse?
Tryna’ quench my,
Spiritual thirst,
Through your guidance.
This mother/son bond,
Is an alliance,
As you tried to steer,
Me clear of;
Negativity & violence.
Most my teens,
I spent locked away,
In silence.
Kept you up late,
If my behavior will,
Seal my fate.
Mischievous child,
In trouble;
Who dared participate.
I’m sorry for the wait,
I’m sorry it took me awhile,
To grow up.
You know me though,
I’ve never been one for good luck.
It’s hard to control a kid,
Who never really gave a fuck,
Slingin’ supply to make a quick buck.
I mean; What was there to do?
I didn’t wanna listen & I was defiant of you.
I wasn’t the greatest, this much is true,
But I’ve got infinite opportunities,
To make it better, & that’s all thanks to you.
You deserve the world,
You deserve it all.
You deserve the world,
You deserve it all.
Dear mother please,
Stand proud & tall,
Don’t let anyone,
Make you feel small.
You deserve the world,
You deserve it all.
You deserve the world,
May you never fall.
Much love 💜

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