Whenever I feel low,
I know;
You always got me.
Love isn’t always,
What I’d show,
I know;
You always got me.
I am fragile, I am weak,
But you know,
I’ll make my way out.
I couldn’t escape,
If I tried…
Well you know,
I’ve learned to stand,
My own ground.
Thank you father for,
Sticking around,
For me…
Thinkin’ back,
At the years we’ve spent,
My ripe age of 17,
You packed up like a tent.
Crushed by that text sent,
Sorry to bring up memories,
But; I just needed to vent.
Despite the distance,
You we’re still there for me,
Whenever I needed an ear.
You would lend me advice,
My troublesome years,
& do whatever you could,
To bring me some cheer.
For a long time I’ve,
Lived paralyzed,
By my irrational fears.
You told me not to worry,
Said everything would,
Be okay;
That as long as I follow,
My dreams then,
I’d find my happiness,
One day.
Honestly that’s all I,
Ever needed someone,
To say.
Often times my sadness,
Takes me away,
But you’d calm my breeze,
Whenever my tree’s,
Began to sway.
Hopeful wishing I know,
Next time you’re back,
I hope you decide to stay.
Dear Dad;
I love & miss you always.
Good health for you,
Is all that I pray,
& any stress that comes,
Your way;
I hope it washes away.
I’m sorry;
I couldn’t be,
A better son.
But I promise,
To raise mine,
A better one.

I’m sorry;
I couldn’t be,
A better son.
But I promise,
To raise mine,
A better one.

I’ve learned,
All the things,
That I’ve done.
I know;
All the tricks,
& plays;
In the book,
To a victory won.

There were good times,
& there were bad,
I’ve always been glad,
To call someone like you,
My dad.
The only one I’ve had,
& the only one,
That I’ve ever needed.
You’ve encouraged me,
To keep fighting,
Whenever I feel defeated.
You’ve tried,
To lesson me through,
Warnings that I’ve,
Never heeded.
Like father like son,
Without you there’s a lot,
Of challenges that I,
Could not have completed.
Applied pressure,
To my wounds that bleeded.
Made me face my truth,
Never retreated,
Although I wanted to.
There’s a lot for me,
That you do,
You’ve bent yourself,
& I know that’s true.
I love you so much,
You have no clue,
& one day I hope,
To return the favor,
Right back to you.
I can’t just yet but,
Give me time,
I’ll give all the light,
That I have,
Just to see you shine.
Better believe that,
I’ve always got your spine,
O’ father of mine,
Just let me know when things,
Aren’t going fine,
I’ll give back whatever I can,
I promise I won’t mind.
Thank you for,
Holding me together,
Whenever I fall apart.
In my darkest of times,
Thank you for,
Shedding light to help me,
Find my way out of the dark.
Thank you for,
Sacrificing yourself,
To give me another start.
Thank you for,
Unconditionally loving me,
With all of your heart.
I love you too poppa,
Believe me; I truly mean it.

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