What’s up love?
Whatcha thinkin’ of?
What’s gotcha up so late?
Shut your eyes,
Kiss me goodnight,
Whatever’s on your mind,
It can wait.
Not this time,
This feeling I feel,
Feels like a crime,
But it’s a truth,
That must be defined.
I’ve found the spine,
To reveal these,
Emotions of mine,
That have been confined,
Like melon under rind.
My words underlined,
But you still undermined.
You put me through hell,
You left me with doubt.
I showed so much love,
You reciprocated,
A much less amount.
I always asked what,
You we’re cryin’ about,
But what about me,
When I was down?
Took my confidence,
Buried it underground.
Hush me everytime,
I try & make a sound.
Lately I feel as if,
We’re only together,
Cause our fears,
Of hurting each other,
Keeps us bound.
I make you look good,
Is this why,
You keep me around?
Can my potential love,
Ever be found,
With you holding me back?
You love to tell me,
Exactly what I lack.
I’m dating a director,
Cause’ you love,
To tell me how to act.
Baby we made a pact,
But maybe;
We should take a break.
You refuse to see my ache,
All the things you put at stake.
In the wake of feelings faked,
You hold the trophy,
For first place.
I wanna love but,
We can’t;
Even touch base.
All we do is fight,
As you throw,
Past shit in my face.
Got me feeling like,
A wasted space.
It’s your turn to shush,
Let me speak my grace.
This life here;
Is an endless chase,
Cause’ even when we die,
Our souls wither away,
Into the afterlife.
I’m not looking for,
A short thing,
I’m searching for,
A wife;
Only got one shot,
I’m tryin’ to get it right.

What’s up love?
Whatcha thinkin’ of?
What’s gotcha up so late?
Shut your eyes,
Kiss me goodnight,
Whatever’s on your mind,
It can wait.
It’s time to confess.
In fact;
I’m about to get dressed.
I can’t sleep here,
Not with my head in a mess.
You see;
I got this feeling in my chest.
Everyday I give my best,
Lest you forget that,
You’re supposed to give,
The rest…
These actions,
Must be addressed.
I mean; Is this some,
Kind of test?
You’ve got standards,
I see;
Should I be impressed?
I’m through with school,
Quit acting like I’m some fool,
You can take your,
Childish ass back to,
The kiddy pool.
Loves a must,
That’s the golden rule.
Must strive to shine,
Like expensive jewels.
Common blood diamonds,
Can we stop this duel?
Can you make me happy,
Long enough for me to,
Step away from this barstool?
Your touch as cold,
As winter’s cool breeze.
Stinging my skin like,
A negative;
Double digit freeze.
Am I that hard,
To please?
You’re an avalanche,
And I forgot my ski’s.
Baby I’m not perfect,
But you can see,
There’s a good guy,
Hidden beneath,
The surface.
It’s a shame, I promise,
That I was worth it.
But then again,
Maybe you don’t,
Deserve it.
You get love,
When you exert it,
But instead; You desert it,
Better yet invert it.
Only love yourself,
Only yourself,
And no one else.
I ain’t just,
Somebody else..
What about,
My mental health?
What about my problems,
And the things I’ve dealt?
But I guess I’m selfish,
For needing your help…
Soul on the spoon,
You heat me up,
And watch me melt.
Use me up for,
My loving wealth,
Then say;
You could give,
A fuck less about,
How I felt…
You may be here,
But the loves not.
I’d like to get along but,
It seems that’s;
Something we had forgot.
There’s nothing more,
That I would wish for,
Than for things to be the same.
But what this has became,
Only causes pain,
Love just cannot remain,
We’re dying in vain.

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