Untitled, 5

Just let who i am die already.

After all, that’s the one

You blame; for


No sense in having

this head game.

Continue on, keep

blaming me

Like you always do.

I’ll take responsibility

for all of your insecurities

and everything else

Your scared to; claim.

Just remember to

engrave the name

Into every sad song

you play. Every hurt feeling

that stayed. Every time

you relapsed again, and again.

To every heart, you try to gain;

sympathy from.

Tell them it’s all my fault.

So they’ll side with you,

since it was always a fight,

between us two.

Never Partner’s in crime,

just the opposite is true.

Now let who i was die, exactly

As who you wanted; the

Enemy of You.

Sadly, not the Soulmate

I wanted so badly to be true…

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