Back to the Remedy

its all just a ruse

i’m back, wildin’ out in my room

leopard spotted and downtrodden

i’m somewhere i can place these words and be forgotten

what of myself? i’m just a liar

i’m wicked and righteous,

polar opposites

i have no attraction, i’m going to fight this

resistance is futile…

i’m back to the remedy again,

and all alone

i deserve better

im terrible and awful

sometimes my mind is analogous to that of the devil

the devil is not real; i am the devil

nevermind the confusion,

we make it through to the future

i’m just a little tired, haven’t we all felt that before?

wishfully thinking i can do this

keep trying, don’t forget this

don’t forget me, the one your leaving behind,

it will cost heavily, to carry me with you

i can do this, i can do this

you can do this, you can do this

the future will be new, every rung is exciting

it will be worth it, i promise

your leaving the nether, go on upwards

the time you spent there will not be forgotten

dont forget me, dont forget me

when your happy and in solace

for i am the one who brought you there

and what i made you carry on your adventure –

i am sorry for the burdens of what i have done

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