Drowning in something sublime.

Yet, not quite Divine.
Still searching for answers,
In the depths of my own mind.
Insanity’s the key in deciphering;
Reality. Repeated lessons,
Have now led me to believe.
I am no longer the same me; Not
The face all those eyes wanted to see.
No endlessly seeking reflections.
No more unwanted acts of depravity.
Now I just crave the stillness of space. The expanse of darkness
When in a meditative state.
Or Sub-space. My means of escape.
Ecstatic bliss triggering a psychiatric kind of trip. Mind altering experience.
Searching for a means to blend;
My perspective into this hellishly,
Wonderful existence.
I broke the pattern, altering the
Outcome. What will happen now,
I am completely uncertain of.
Well, fuck…

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