The Gray

Jaw clenched. Can’t comprehend,

The vacancy in my chest;


Is this feeling You or Me?

In-between maybe?

I’m losing touch. Only tethered,

with imagined love. Lust.

Let me correct. Lie.

About the Thoughts & Feelings.

What you Mean.

Who You are to Me. Something.


You have to be.

So I can live in peace.

Quit haunting me.

With memories.

Is it imagined, or

Do you feel the same?

A simple yes, or no

Will silence.

Will ignite.

Lay me to rest.

Or pull me from,

The embrace of Death.

Soul tether, or misconnection?

Please decide, I’m losing my mind.

Lost in a time. I can’t quite forget.

My happiest memories.

Before his hands left my form

forever marked, with scars

Along both body, mind, and heart.

Til then, I’ll be waiting

Deep inside the Dream.

Find me, please.

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