The Gray

Jaw clenched. Can't comprehend, The vacancy in my chest; Again. Is this feeling You or Me? In-between maybe? I'm losing touch. Only tethered, with imagined love. Lust. Let me correct. Lie. About the Thoughts & Feelings. What you Mean. Who You are to Me. Something. Nothing. You have to be. So I can live in … Continue reading The Gray


“Transparency, please?”

Make it quick, Or painfully slow. Take your time; Or, blatantly, let me know. Please, love; just don't Sugar coat. How you feel, Behind your ego. Physical attractions, Are fleetingly so. Emotional attachments Tend to grow. In intensity. Can you feel, The chemistry? Almost like An epiphany! Or is this the codependency? Or maybe; your … Continue reading “Transparency, please?”