Drown. (with Jesslee, Jeremiah, & Explicit) - - (Explicit) Drown me slowly... But; I don't wanna die... Ooo, I'm so lonely... Yet; I'm not sure why..? Soo... Drown me slowly... Drown me in your lies... I said; Drown me slowly... Cause'; Time will immortalize... Don't look at me, With those eyes... No; Don't look at … Continue reading Drown.


Infinite Dimensions.

Infinite Dimensions. (with Dustin, Jeremiah, & Explicit) - - (Explicit) Floating ; Floating, Through... Infinite ; Dimensions. Floating ; Floating, Through... Infinite ; Dimensions. Vibing ; Vibing, With... Rhythmic ; Extensions. Not to mention... We're levels beyond, Basic comprehension, Despite; These generous intentions. Floating ; Floating, Through... Infinite ; Dimensions. Floating ; Floating, Through... Infinite … Continue reading Infinite Dimensions.


Landmines... - (with Jeremiah, Ivan, & Explicit) - (Explicit) Every direction I go, Landmine. Every direction I flow, Landmine. Every direction you know, Landmine. Every direction got me, Steppin' slow, Hoping not to blow, Landmine. Dear Lord I'm prayin', Just to feel fine, For once. I'm tired of all these, Damn; Landmines. ...... Wounded soldier, … Continue reading Landmines.

Rib Cage.

Rib Cage. (with Jesslee, Jeremiah, & Explicit) - - (Explicit) Breathing so hard, There's cracks, Within my rib cage. Breathing so hard, With trembling hands, Author; Cannot turn the page. Breathing so hard, To cleanse my soul, Cause'; I'm burnin' sage. Finding inner peace, Through exhaled rage. Best choose carefully, The wars you wage. Best … Continue reading Rib Cage.


Wolves (with Amelia, Jeremiah, & Explicit) - - (Explicit) With the full moon, Shining; Against my skin, The silence of my soul, Starts howling again. Paw prints in the snow, Breath; Frozen in the wind. Aggression for protection, Natural selection, Is the exception for my sins. It's this moment right here, That my journey begins. … Continue reading Wolves.