Shipwrecked... (with Quinox, Jeremiah, & Explicit) - - (Explicit) So many times, My heart; Been shipwrecked. This should explain my, High guards & need, To protect. I have too much, That I'm unwilling to, Accept. A lot on my mind, But still can't, Make the time to invest. In my dreams, I overdose, In this … Continue reading Shipwrecked.



And then I got enchanted by the galaxies that lurk  within your eyes. I found myself gazing upon your nebula lips and before I knew, I lost myself in the deep spaces that dwell within your soul. {Follow me on Facebook: fb/SAQuinoxPoetry} {Follow me on Instagram: @QuinoxPoetry}


Hold my hand,  and don’t let go. I’ll show you a world  beyond this snow. We’ll erase the cold  and wipe off this show. Forever we’ll breathe  the air of love and forever  will always be now. {Follow me on Facebook: fb/SAQuinoxPoetry} {Follow me on Instagram: @QuinoxPoetry}