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The Gray

Jaw clenched. Can't comprehend, The vacancy in my chest; Again. Is this feeling You or Me? In-between maybe? I'm losing touch. Only tethered, with imagined love. Lust. Let me correct. Lie. About the Thoughts & Feelings. What you Mean. Who You are to Me. Something. Nothing. You have to be. So I can live in … Continue reading The Gray



Drowning in something sublime.Yet, not quite Divine.Still searching for answers,In the depths of my own mind.Insanity's the key in deciphering;Reality. Repeated lessons,Have now led me to believe.I am no longer the same me; NotThe face all those eyes wanted to see.No endlessly seeking reflections.No more unwanted acts of depravity.Now I just crave the stillness of … Continue reading Title-less