DEKU. (with Mekhi & Explicit) - - (Explicit) Could I... I wonder though, Could I... Possibly be great? From weakling, To; Extremely powerful, Could I... Master my trait? Others tell me that, Failure will ultimately, Be my fate; But allmight himself, Told me; To deflect such hate. Who I am now, Has wiped; Who I … Continue reading DEKU.



EMOshuns. (with Dustin & Explicit) - - (Explicit) Check yes Juliet, Are you with me? Well guess what, We're; Taking back Sunday, Soul searching, We'll find ourselves, Someday. Right now we're headin', Down to sunset strip, Tonight... &; The kids aren't alright, With our offspring, Skyrocketing; Low self-esteem. Emo scene; Teenage dream, Waiting onna, Ultralight … Continue reading EMOshuns.

Infinite Dimensions.

Infinite Dimensions. (with Dustin, Jeremiah, & Explicit) - - (Explicit) Floating ; Floating, Through... Infinite ; Dimensions. Floating ; Floating, Through... Infinite ; Dimensions. Vibing ; Vibing, With... Rhythmic ; Extensions. Not to mention... We're levels beyond, Basic comprehension, Despite; These generous intentions. Floating ; Floating, Through... Infinite ; Dimensions. Floating ; Floating, Through... Infinite … Continue reading Infinite Dimensions.


Landmines... - (with Jeremiah, Ivan, & Explicit) - (Explicit) Every direction I go, Landmine. Every direction I flow, Landmine. Every direction you know, Landmine. Every direction got me, Steppin' slow, Hoping not to blow, Landmine. Dear Lord I'm prayin', Just to feel fine, For once. I'm tired of all these, Damn; Landmines. ...... Wounded soldier, … Continue reading Landmines.

Nocturnal Creatures.

Nocturnal Creatures. (with Amelia & Explicit) - - (Explicit) Night time, Be the right time, Let; The moonlight shine, Upon us. Smokin' on, That green pine. Sippin' on, That fine wine, That make, These minds, Six nine; With no trust, And all lust. ...... ...... (Amelia) Sippin' Moonshine; while that Moon shines, Diamond eyes And … Continue reading Nocturnal Creatures.

Rib Cage.

Rib Cage. (with Jesslee, Jeremiah, & Explicit) - - (Explicit) Breathing so hard, There's cracks, Within my rib cage. Breathing so hard, With trembling hands, Author; Cannot turn the page. Breathing so hard, To cleanse my soul, Cause'; I'm burnin' sage. Finding inner peace, Through exhaled rage. Best choose carefully, The wars you wage. Best … Continue reading Rib Cage.