You have no idea what it’s like to be me.

You sold me out it seems.

But i try, or i guess tried.

And now i’m stuck.

Looking at two paths.

Both a choice.

Ones, wait.

Ones, opportunity

But what do I do when the heart beats you.

But I have the chance to start fresh soon.

What, oh what do I do?

I feel like such a fool.

Meaningful intent, But trying to resist.

Maybe I should not fall this time.

Or should not have in time, But still wait.

Knowing deep down there is something to say.

Still something to feel.

Three years down the road I bet ill be forgotten, but where will I be?

Still caring or finding another light?

Hopefully a good one.

That won’t keep me up at night.

That will talk about everything.

Hug me close and not let go.

You did….

But where are you now?


Where are you now.

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