I give you,
These words.
I give you,
These nouns,
Adjectives & verbs.
I speak them so,
You may remain,
Rest assured,
That within;
This cold cold world,
Your voice is heard.
In the pouring rain,
I feel your pain,
With that;
You have my word.

We got a lot.
They take some,
Try to come up,
With them;
Right on the spot.
Burning up;
In conversation like,
A bag of pot.
Arthritis in hand,
The phrases I jot.
Writer’s block,
Keeps my mind on lock,
Backed up like a blood clot.
I just wanna twist the plot,
Do the shit they said I cannot.
Show em’ the fists which I fought,
Hit em’ with;
The passion that I brought.
Fuck the limits I’m way past,
The astronauts.
Father time’s laughing so,
I’m punching clocks,
Kill the tick tock,
Crash the ship at dock.
Cock the Glock,
And let my artillery talk.
Draw myself a fate,
With body chalk,
And; Well that’s it,
Dot, Dot, Dot…

I could tell you,
Exactly what these,
Words mean.
But why should I,
When nothing is ever,
As quite as it seems?
How bout’;
You follow your dreams,
Stop investing within,
These pyramid schemes,
Cause’ you’ve been,
Squandering life since,
You was a teen,
Just building up steam,
Yet; You can’t find,
The words to scream,
So you just keep,
Drifting up the stream,
Face down;
Only conscious within,
The in-between,
Where true reality,
Is left unseen.
Just because you,
Hit a rough scene,
Doesn’t mean,
You gotta skip to,
The cut scene.

Words wrap;
Around my head,
Like ribbons.
These eyes grow,
Darker than obsidian.
I’m just working with,
The gifts;
That I’ve been givin’.
Lord knows,
Any other way,
Ain’t livin’.
They say;
This type of love,
Is forbidden,
Well then I say to that,
Good riddance,
I don’t even miss it.
Gotta make it,
Don’t got the time,
To wish it.
Deep inside we all,
Got the urge to fish it,
Serve it up & dish it,
Mmm; Delicious.
Got a bakery of goods,
Cooking up in my kitchen.
My mind keep switchin’,
Through views & opinions,
Distracted by dispositions,
Of my counteractive emissions.
I’m into astrology, etymology,
Numerology, and other superstitions,
Even I have my own terms & conditions,
I live my life with a million contradictions,
And I will until I fade from this existence.


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