closed for business

Feelings are vague
Trapped inside for days
Don’t utter a single word
Time to myself where only I was in my head
Figure of speech – please don’t misread
Split into as many pieces as you need
Some try to hide those and then they become free
Taken on new identities
Figure of speech – please don’t misread
See I relate – I can split myself like this
But some lost souls leave themselves in another timeline
But still breath.
The moments before the pain was just too much to burden
Some lost persons are just the like suitcases that we carry
And these collections are just proof of the system that needs buried.
Take a look in the mirror
What do you see?
It’s like a two-way effect into infinity
Constantly on your mind
Concrete jungle gym with pages written out for us
Not in the ways that any of us wanted
And to them – the lost ones without a grip on society
Otherwise known as reality
This place is more than just a place
And we – the individuals – are on the top with our facts and our truths
The others – the many – without a singular sight
Associating two things that are far apart as alike
Those are the ones that need to be revered the most
Figure of speech – please don’t misread


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