DEKU. (with Mekhi & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
Could I…
I wonder though,
Could I…
Possibly be great?
From weakling,
Extremely powerful,
Could I…
Master my trait?
Others tell me that,
Failure will ultimately,
Be my fate;
But allmight himself,
Told me;
To deflect such hate.
Who I am now,
Has wiped;
Who I was from the slate.
I can, I plan, & I will,
I will…
I will…
Be fucking great, I promise.
Unsure of,
My true potential,
I’ve always,
Lacked the credentials.
Finding the key,
To my power is essential,
But that’s better said,
Than done when,
I’m caught in a crisis,
That’s existential.
Tryna’ make my way,
To the very top.
I’mma keep climbing,
Never stop.
Can’t look down,
Can’t concern myself,
With how far I could drop.
Not when my last hope,
Winding down on the clock,
Cause… It’s now or never.
Falling apart,
I gotta keep myself together,
No matter;
What kind of rough winds or,
Turbulent weather,
Comes forth to sever me,
All that tethers me,
I know I can, I know I will do better.
I will exceed all expectations,
I will proceed to prove it,
Through countless demonstrations.
I’ll make y’all want me,
To be the hero of your devastations,
Despite the hateful preservations,
You hold against me.
I’ll show y’all who I truly am,
Just you watch & fuckin’ see.
I’mma be;
The hero that saves the day,
I’mma be;
The hero that I was meant to be.
I’mma be;
The hero that overcomes, yeah;
I’mma be;
The hero that sets you free,
This is the beginning of my legacy.

— (Mekhi)
I may not erase ya head,
But fuck it.
My quirk is godlike,
In fact; It’s all right,
Enough to boost this,
All mighty flow.
You cannot compete,
I’ll take ya number,
To zero, hoe.
You can’t spit heat,
Your endeavor is lackin’,
Sorry bro.
I’m coming to become,
A great;
Not hang here,
By a thread.
Ya bitch;
Was grooving,
With my dick,
So I can call it,
I’m pretty explosive,
Always ready to fight,
Call me Bakugo.
Y’all should know,
I’m way too quick to,
Start to ignite.
I’m way too sick to,
Not be implied.
Inside your melody,
When you talk about,
The best to be,
The next symbol of peace,
Respect me please.
& yeah;
I might be “deku”,
But I promise,
That I ain’t useless.
I can’t compare to,
All those other nigga’s,
That’s steady confusing.
Thinkin’ that they are the next,
Thinkin’ that they are the best,
Thinkin’ that they are so super,
But I see;
No “S” on ya chest.
You ain’t no hero,
You broken.
You ain’t no hero,
So open;
Your stench is potent.
You stink of insecurities,
Your morals aren’t important,
I am giving & devotin’,
So my strengths unlocked,
Like the 47th Ronin.

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