– (with Jeremiah, Ivan, & Explicit)
– (Explicit)
Every direction I go,
Every direction I flow,
Every direction you know,
Every direction got me,
Steppin’ slow,
Hoping not to blow,
Dear Lord I’m prayin’,
Just to feel fine,
For once.
I’m tired of all these,
Damn; Landmines.
Wounded soldier,
I paint;
These fields red.
Holding my guts as,
I spread;
This brutal bloodshed.
Bullets in my head,
I keep moving,
This heart is dead.
You don’t know,
This heart has bled.
You don’t know,
Path that I tread.
It’s riddled,
Misery & dread.

I bring you these,
Black roses,
As my;
Inner conscience,
I come apart,
Like Moses,
The red sea.
Sight back,
Let the dead see.
Sprung a leak,
I’m running empty.
Through memory,
After memory.
If I don’t make it,
I just hope,
You remember me.
I pray for peace,
Virtuous serenity.
In my;
Broken world,
Be the remedy.
Walking cautious,
My next step could,
Blow me to smithereens.

— (Ivan)
Land mines
Causing landslides

Land mines created
By mankind

Sick of seeing it
Over time
Over time

Feels like we’re
Stuck in rewind

I bet some days you feel insane
Feelin that brain??
Life is just a grain of sand
This is the dreamland
Why do we turn it
Into a wasteland
Full of these land mines
I swear ill disarm mine
Your mind is a goldmine
I’m not talking about
The dollar sign
Your soul is genuine
I’ll save you from the land mines
Don’t let them control your mind
Your thoughts are designed
Stuck in the white line
Follow me, into the white light
Sneaking past all the land mines

Land mines
Causing landslides
Land mines created
By mankind
Sick of seeing it
Over time
Over time
Feels like we’re
Stuck in rewind

— (Jeremiah)
Sometimes others wander onto my lonely road,
Tip-toeing around what could explode.
They see the traps more clearly than me.
Some guide while others lure me blindly.
Helpful or hindrance?
I can never tell.
Just waiting for their true colors to shine,
Over time they can take me to light,
Or bring me to another
Even tripping the wire,
Setting off the implosion,
I give thanks.
Another survived encounter,
Added to my ranks.
No matter where I go,
I tread the unknown.
New eyes, new lives,
different companions,
same disguise.
Fortunately every detonation
destroys another piece
that I really didn’t need.
God speed
to all the brave,
traversing the minefield
of their minds,
who remember to still be kind
When we all are free and clear,
All these landmines,
Will disappear,
Until then,
I’m still right here.

The path ahead is littered,
Lined the sides with Landmines.
Each one,
Another step away,
From exploding in my face.
Chock-full of shrapnel,
Consisting of shattered memories,
Broken dreams,
Mistakes turned to metallic habit.
Step, click God damnit!

— (Explicit)
Who’s gonna save the day?
Who’s gonna be the hero?
Who’s gonna rebuild this world,
Back up; From ground zero?
Who’s gonna save the day?
Who’s gonna stand for something?
Are you gonna fight for freedom,
Die for absolutely nothing?


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