Second Chance.

Second Chance.
(with Skyler & Explicit)

– (Explicit)
We all could use,
Second chance.
We could;
See the truth if,
We just took,
Second glance.
We all could use,
Second chance.
To advance,
You can’t,
Be afraid of,
Second dance.
Redemption be that,
Beautiful romance.
…… (Skyler)
That’s just what it takes,
Its how we have to think.
So we wont break.
To walk the same dreary path,
Without the same mistakes.
impossible to forget.
I’m only scarred,
On the inside.
Within that place,
its easy to slip.
On edge,
Every moment,
Is all it takes to realize.
When looking back,
That way is what makes you break.
I fell and was at my bottom,
What that means is –
I just needed someone;
Something stronger to hold on to.
A helping hand,
while I climbed out of my coffin.
Those days of rock bottom can be in the past.
Love still lingers.
Our soul will be rebounded.
It’s times of weakness,
we all need a second chance.

Crash, crash, as you fall down the hole.
And you keep it together and upright as it unfolds.
Wisdom’s words come out as cold.
Well fought battle soldier, time to go home.
Send yourself home packing, wipe the tears away.
What do you expect,
When your life is what it is.
I speak to you now,
You don’t know self-respect.
You can take your own beatings.
Take them in stride with no regrets.
It’s okay to have weakness.
It’s hard to profess.
Some things spoken cannot be done entirely,
Keep that fixation ahead.
And when you turn the corner around,
When you see the end point.
You can look back and say, wow,
What a mess.
What a mess I managed to;
Move the world and bask in the reverb.
What a chance you’ve been given.
To reach out and change the world you live in.
You can stiffen that back up and soldier up.
hard charge like napalm bomb;
Rack em’ and Stack em’ – all your slip-ups.
Attack em’;
yell out your war-cry on your arrival.
I know not everyone is given a golden ticket,
When we’re talking about survival.
Some even face insurmountable odds to even begin with.
No, not every soul is an idol.
Never is only the righteous given the pass to keep on trying.
Even the wicked have the world and the right to live in it.
Do not be afraid of the valley of death;
Said someone specific.
“It’s not that easy.”
Those syllables are weakness,
All it takes is some strength and you can fight it.
Try hard to cross off another goal in your line-up.
And if you lose don’t forget to try harder.
Wakeup a new and improved version of whatever it is you say you are.
Just know in the pool where we all swim in –
There’re others just like you,
When you take a second to glance and reflect on it.
You gain strength because your truly not a lonely cold soul like you insisted.

— (Explicit)
If you fail, try again.
If you fail,
You’ve got multiple,
Attempts my friend.
You fear the end,
Reject the love,
That your God send.
You an avatar that make,
The elements bend.
Seems that playing victim,
Has become a common trend.
Is this something original?
Nahh; Like MGMT it’s,
Time To Pretend.
Nahh; Fantasy & Reality,
Caught up inna blend.
Shoot your shots,
You’ve got;
An infinite amount,
Of ammo to expend.
Yo; This is your life,
To defend,
Fate is determined,
By how you choose,
To let;
Your days spend.
Don’t let anybody,
Tell you different.
Can’t you see,
The significance?
We can overthrow,
Those who’ve got,
Think you’ve been,
Of your innocence.
In the sense,
Isn’t that just ignorance?
You’ve been living,
Too long,
In the past tense.
Your mind has been
Too damn condensed.
I wonder if;
There’s any way to convince,
Your conscience,
To come back to reality,
Should be the only,
So who out there,
Is ready to explore this,
Ever expanding galaxy?
The perfect depiction,
Of success, is of course,
Failure’s gallery.

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