My heart is,
A beautiful red rose,
Set to fire.
I fell in love with,
A pyromaniac,
Deceitful liar.
It’s my internal pain,
That came to inspire.
The knowledge I seek,
Takes me higher & higher.
But to find the height,
In which I desire,
I must start from the dirt,
To raise my empire.
This loneliness,
Makes me a crier,
My heart is;
A beautiful red rose,
That must learn,
To grow from the fire.

I bloom;
With the season,
I bloom;
Without reason.
I bloom;
Into this wildflower,
I bloom;
From soil so sour.
It’s a struggle,
Every minute, every hour.
It feels like;
I’m losing power,
Waiting to get devoured,
By prideful prowlers.
Those midnight howlers,
Shouting at the moon.
The noise gets too loud,
Don’t wake;
The caterpillar from,
His cocoon.
For he is soundly,
Asleep in his tomb.
Something beautiful,
Is about to burst,
From out the womb.
With 2 paths to choose,
He’ll either bring joy,
Or never ending doom.
Listen in; While I script,
This melancholic tune.
With despair in the air,
There ain’t no one immune.
Buckle under the pressure,
Is what most will assume.
But to find my brightest light,
I’ve gotta glow from the gloom.
Wasn’t given much space to grow,
So I guess I better make some room.

Grew up;
From the dirt.
Screw up;
And fell back,
To the Earth.
Built upon;
All of my hurt,
That I’ve been,
Burying since birth.
Covered up,
My demons in church.
Allowed others,
To plant their seeds,
Of worth.
Negative vibes,
Infest me like,
Lone wanderer,
Seeking paradise,
As the heaven,
I’ve found;
Has turned to ice.
The warmness,
Of this soul,
Could pay the price,
If only; It wasn’t so,
To temptations enticed.
Easily I become,
A remote control,
To my own device.
The righteous path,
Requires self sacrifice.
Lock away;
My ego & pride,
Grow from;
The trauma that hides.
For this is;
Wisdom that guides,
My most inner,
Third eye;
A place where,
My haunting resides.
Boiling point,
Melting the insides.
Feels like the world,
Is watching; Televised.
2 tickets;
To the Truman Show,
On the cinema sized,
Promise I can grow,
From nothin’ but,
A dollar & my dreams.
Only I can make,
The illusion into what,
It seems.

Let me go,
Or let me grow.
I’m far from,
The perfect you wish,
For me to show.
I’m a;
Beautiful rose,
Just so you know.
And; So are you,
Even when,
The flames flow.
Shine bright,
And burn slow.
You come back,
Every time that,
You re-grow.

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