It is what it is,
Even when things are,
Starting to fizz,
Shook up;
Bottled the biz,
Tis’ the season to,
Ponder the quiz,
Is a key for the whiz.
The ones whom,
Are searching for his,
Or her oasis.
You can’t runaway,
On a daily basis,
Hiding off into these,
Contemporary places,
Between Earth,
The dimensional spaces.
Makes for the most,
Unconventional cases,
World keeps spinning,
As the millennial races,
But never embraces,
The truth.
We need some,
Acceptance for our youth.
It don’t take no sleuth,
To produce the proof.

In this life,
Your words,
Are all you got.
Some got the tongue,
To corrupt your thoughts.
These the shady folks,
Hiding within the blind spots,
Of this wicked world’s paradox.
Gon’ break the box,
Sicker than chicken pox,
But you’re still;
Kickin’ moon rocks,
Like a space ox.
Gotta keep your mind,
Quicker than the brown fox.
Excuses get you nowhere,
Gotta play ball like the Red Sox.
One false move could,
Plummet the stocks,
We’re either counting dollars,
Or we’re counting clocks,
Not our blessings.
A tarnished image isn’t,
Worth the confessing,
So we ignore,
What needs addressing,
Watch your sides,
The walls compressing,
An ugly fate,
You can’t undo the messing.
Open sesame,
For the easy accessing,
Boundaries overstepping,
These situations are,
For the prepping,
Avengers assembling,
But you’re a few short,
Still plugging in to export.
Let me ask;
How’d you become,
Such a worrywart?
What’s there to worry bout?
Can’t you just chill tf out?
Checked in;
Now you’re rooming with doubt.
They twist; You shout,
Pretending that you got the clout,
You think you do,
But nahh;
You got no amount,
I think we both know,
You know better,
So I’ve scripted together,
Within this open letter,
The thing about acceptance,
And the day I met her.
The rain kept coming,
The puddle got wetter,
My conscious,
Floating like a feather,
Through nightmares,
And day dreams.
Doesn’t matter much,
How life seemed,
If you can’t come to terms,
With a damn thing.
I’d always hate,
Never appreciate,
The little things,
That made life so great.
Why hold the weight?
Feels so much better,
To alleviate.
You can debate,
The date;
But eventually,
You must step,
To the plate.
The true ascension,
Is to elevate,
Above the drama,
That stands in your way.
Realize that God,
Cannot save you,
Everytime that you pray,
But you are strong enough,
To make that change.
There’s no shame,
In forgiving;
But never denying,
Your pain;
Believe in yourself,
That’s pretty much,
All I can say.
Look yourself in the mirror,
And tell yourself it’ll be okay,
And accept that tomorrow,
Is a brand new day.

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