Sometimes; You feel like darkness,
Follows your every step.
Looking around, you see no light,
To your right or left.
You wanna breathe,
But something always,
Takes your breath.
You can feel the feeling,
Crushing against your chest.
Sometimes; It’s just not enough,
Although you’ve given your best.
You studied all night but,
Overslept the test.
Stood up to the bullets but,
Forgot your vest.
You wanna take one to the head,
And lie down for eternal rest.
It gets tiring, I know;
But it’s all apart of the quest.
The fact; you’re alive & well,
Means that you’ve been truly blessed.

Suicide; I’ve contemplated too.
I feel your pain, although I don’t know,
What you’ve gone through.
All I know; Is that you are not alone,
Life has beaten us all black & blue.
This world expects so much,
But you’ve got nothing left to prove.
Feeling like a pawn,
Just wasting your move,
You wanna fight,
But you’re not really sure,
What you can do.
Hurtful words, sticking to you like glue.
Just remember, these words mean nothing,
Only you can make them true.
People wanna see you lose,
Cause; They’ve already lost.
No one has the answers,
We’ve all been tossed, into this life;
Some without the sense to pay the cost.
So instead; They just devalue the price,
Plummet the stocks,
And you’re left double crossed.
Talk is cheap; 💩 gets stuck between,
The teeth; Of those who don’t floss.
Just mind your business,
To become the boss, you’ll soar high,
With the wing spread, of an albatross.
If someone doesn’t like you,
Then f__k em’; That’s their loss.

There’s beauty,
In raw emotions,
Some of us die slow,
In an ocean of potions.
Trying to change,
A notion;
But reality says,
You’re true potential,
Hasn’t yet awoken.
I hope;
You hear these,
Words unspoken,
I hope;
They get you through,
Times you feel broken.
It’s a lot to swallow,
We’re all chokin’.
Got your;
For copin’,
Containing the,
Pressures held inside,
Trying not to burst open.
I beg you not to,
Resort to dopin’.
What happened,
To all you been hopin’?
I know your mind,
Has been off floatin’,
Into the poisons,
So potent.
But have you,
Forgotten what’s,
Have you forgotten,
That life is so precious?
I hope you find meaning,
Within my message.
Stop & buffer,
You don’t have,
To suffer.
Life can be kind,
If you promise,
To love her.
Depression that cloud,
Above your head to hover.
Be prepared to fight back,
Mental illness a shover.
You fake a smile,
Just to die undercover.
Thoughts spin like,
Burning rubber.
Love thy;
Sister & brother,
Mister & mother,
Family & friends,
With emotions,
We smother.
But most importantly,
Give the most you can,
And just love each other.

Kinda wish;
More people had,
The patience.
Some of these problems,
Are quite ancient.
Your eyes grow,
A little more vacant,
Until you completely,
From this sanction.
Wandering soul,
Seeking santuary,
With a mood,
So tart like raspberry.
Internal fuel,
Running low on,
All you want,
From life is too,
Be treated fairly.
You deserve that,
But it’s probability,
May vary.
Your thoughts,
Can be very scary.
Gotta work it out,
Like the lobster, Larry.
And please understand,
That you don’t always,
Have to smoke the Mary,
Your love for life,
Has yet to pop it’s cherry.
All you gotta do is,
Keep your chin up &,
Carry on;
Because depression,
Is temporary,
One day it will be,
Dead & gone.

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