George Orwell,
Once depicted hell.
A state of emergency,
In which society has fell.
Feds be creepin’,
Through Dell.
Tapping your cell,
Social media,
Is just a show & tell,
I think we know this,
But we’re;
Caught in the spell.
This is our future,
In a nutshell.
I wish y’all well,
Cause’ these days,
Ain’t lookin’ to swell.

Who’s in control?
Is it you,
Or “The Man”?
Tell me; Who be,
Putting that,
Financial aid,
Up in your hand.
We live for dollars,
Extensive debt,
For these;
Young scholars.
We work & work,
To stack;
Our funds taller.
If you stack,
Your cash enough,
All them;
Thirsty bitches,
Will holler.
You’ll buy everything,
In which you desire.
Do these;
Material things,
Take us higher?
Or is this paper chase,
Just added fuel to the fire?
We got;
Our government names,
Social security claims,
The judicial system,
To tame;
The wild & insane.
Medical supplies,
For the pain.
Climate change,
For the rain.
Television shows,
To exhibit the fame.
When you live in misery,
You don’t really wanna,
Feel the same.
Is it you or this society,
Who’s to blame?
Did you recluse when,
The depression came?
This mentally ill world,
Gets treated like it’s,
A fuckin’ game.
What a shame.

We are big brother,
We sell our own privacy.
Could we trade,
Snapchat & Instagram,
For the Ivy League?
Our fragile minds in need,
Of something to intrigue.
We bleed our souls,
Into the Facebook feed.
Comparisons create greed,
The warnings we heed.
Worldstar takes the lead,
While the FBI & CIA creep,
Into our cheap thrills.
Brainwashed by,
Music so trill,
Lusting another life,
For a void that,
We can never fill.
Yet; These are,
Traditions instilled.
We’re like fish,
Stripped of gills,
Broken wills;
Cooked & grilled.
Heads filled with lies,
To conceptualize,
Whatever time,
We have left.
Whatever truth,
That doesn’t get,
Swept. Slept;
On the bottom step,
Of Capital Hill.
Military is locked,
And loaded,
And ready to kill.
The land of opportunity,
That requires no skill,
Just to chase a stupid,
Fucking dollar bill.

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