Check my pulse,
I’m bout to convulse,
Beats outta my chest,
Every time you undress.
Stops in it’s tracks,
Baby these just facts.
Finally free for once,
It’s about time,
I found my need,
To feed my wants.
You got me;
Dumb like a dunce,
Head over heels,
For all your stunts.

This heart beats,
For much more than,
My health;
You stole it with,
Your stealth.
You took a man,
With low value,
Gave him inner wealth.
Once a challenge,
Just to know you,
You’re a trophy,
On my shelf.
It’s greed to keep you,
All to myself, oh well.
You’ve got that witchcraft,
To keep me under your spell.
The bombshell that fell,
From the heavens,
And burst into the flames,
Of hell;
Could not keep me from,
Within your heart’s lonely cell.
My pride, my faith, my soul;
There’s isn’t anything,
That I wouldn’t sell,
Just for the opportunity,
To express the love I wish to tell.
Two kindred spirits on earth we dwell,
I envisioned a future for us,
And boy is it swell.
You turn me on,
Like a Dell laptop.
It’s quite dangerous how,
I think about you non-stop.
You make my chest bump,
To the rhythm of hip-hop.
You know damn well,
We got that connection,
Just like a hot spot.
Love can’t be learned,
It must be self taught.
Do not be afraid,
To get caught,
In it’s spider web,
Of abstract thought.
You’ll never understand,
True happiness until,
You’ve felt the feeling of distraught.
Save logistics for the robots,
And take a risk.
I’ll still pour;
My heart out to you,
Like an egg yolk,
Even if;
You choose to,
Beat it with a whisk,
And simmer it in a pot,
Like it was tomato bisque.
Your lips;
Taste better than nesquik.
You continuously,
Blow my mind,
Like dynamite stick.
Breathe you in like Vicks,
You must be a guitar pick,
With the way,
That you pluck my strings.
Never before;
Have I felt angel wings,
Quite as beautiful,
As the ones you bring.
Got me;
Thinking of things,
Foreign to me,
Like Beijing.
I had low self esteem,
Similar to The Offspring,
But now;
I feel as rich as a king,
And to me that’s,
Quite amazing.
Like hymns;
My love for you sings,
Your body is my temple,
For worshipping.
I give praise & thanks,
You made a man,
Out of teenage angst.
You raise the ranks,
And stretched the lengths,
Of how far I would go,
Just to show you,
That I’d walk the plank.
You’re forever trapped,
Within my memory bank,
Like a helpless fish,
In a water tank.

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